City Life in London

In London payday is the last Friday of the month, when groups of people gather at pubs at 5p.m. to celebrate. Here is a group at the Blue Posts Pub on Berwick Street in Soho. Despite their rather somber black clothing, this is a happy crowd of drinkers, their plastic beer glasses parked on the granite curb as hands gesticulate or punch out text messages.

On this fine evening in May there are many seats inside the pub because everyone wanted to stand outdoors. Not far away another pub has a crowd, and the sound of laughter echoes down the street. One can bicycle through London on a Friday
evening such as this and pass dozens of open air impromptu festivals at pubs along the way.

There’s not much traffic noise because London has a daily tax on automobiles in the central city, greatly reducing air pollution. This has returned much of London to its primary role as a place for people to exchange ideas, services and to share to a pint with friends.

One thing they have to celebrate is a civilized city.