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Frank Harmon and friends in his garden.

WALTER Magazine: “To Be Frank”

Frank Harmon

Frank Harmon as gardener and host of garden get-togethers with friends. (Photo by Liz Condo)

Frank Harmon’s longstanding Saturday morning tradition of coffee in the garden is an opportunity to chat and connect with longtime friends.

by Addie Ladner | photography by Liz Condo

Behind a muted pink stone wall adorned with jasmine, rich conversations and hot coffee flow. Tall, breezy live oaks shade a sandy courtyard area populated with miscellaneous folding chairs and a round table. Bluebirds sing, crinum lilies bloom and velvety white gardenias perfume the air. Here’s where you’ll find Frank Harmon and his friends most Saturday mornings, partaking in a rare ritual that encourages mindful discussion and connection.


WALTER magazine: “Frank Harmon shares his sketches of North Carolina”

Hewitt Pottery, Pittsboro, NC, by Frank Harmon

Whether you’ve lived here for decades or just a few months, it’s easy to be oblivious to your surroundings. In Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See, architect Frank Harmon reminds us to see beauty all around through a collection of sketches and notes he created over the years. “Since I was a boy, sketching has proved invaluable. If I took a photograph of a place, I would forget it. But if I drew it, I would remember it forever,” he says. By putting pen to paper, Harmon turns ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones and finds joy in the familiar. “I hope readers will share my delight and find some native places of their own… and perhaps even draw.” READ MORE