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Want To See Inside One of Frank Harmon’s Intriguing Sketchbooks? Now you can…

Horse & Buggy Press in Durham Presents

“Sketchbook / Artist’s Book Shop” Exhibition

Frank Harmon sketching

Frank sketching outside during one of his many visits to Auburn University’s Rural Studio in Alabama.

“In 1963, at the age of 22, I traveled to Italy on my Triumph motorcycle for the summer and took my sketchbook with me,” Frank Harmon writes in the introduction to his book Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See. “I’ve had a sketchbook in my pocket ever since.”

Frank has filled a lot of sketchbooks over the past 58 years. Today, the general public has a chance to look inside one of them, thanks to Doug Wofford of Horse & Buggy Press in Durham. Now through November 6, Wofford is hosting a special exhibition entitled “Sketchbook / Artist’s Book Show” on display in PS 118 Gallery and Event Space, located at 118 West Parish Street, Durham.

“I discovered that if I took a photograph of a place, I would probably forget it. But if I sketched it, I remembered that place forever.” ~ F. Harmon in Native Places

The exhibition includes sketchbooks from seven artists — Phil Blank, Catherine Edgerton, Ripley Whiteside, Bethany Bash, Stephanie Witchger, and Stephen Gibson — and one architect: Frank Harmon.

Wofford explained his reason for the “Sketchbooks” show: “I’ve long enjoyed seeing the energy and vitality of sketchbooks kept by artists. When [artist Catherine Edgerton] showed me her amazing books, which are true works of art in themselves and very sculptural, I realized it would be fun to curate a group sketchbook show.”

Wofford is also offering high-quality digital prints from any favorite page or spread in any of the books (up to 12-inches x 18-inches) “so people can take favorite moments home to grace their walls,” he said.

Another bonus:  Copies of Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See are available for purchase in the gallery.

Free to the public, “Sketchbook / Artist’s Book Show” is open to walk-in visitors each Friday and Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. and other days by appointment only (contact dave@horseandbuggypress.com). An artists’ reception is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 25, from 4-6 p.m.

Click here for more information on the exhibition, the gallery, and Horse & Buggy Press.

For more information on Frank Harmon and Native Places, visit nativeplacesthebook.com.

Frank Harmon at Miami Dade College

‘Native Places’ Goes to College — Miami Dade College

Frank Harmon at Miami Dade College


Frank recently shared Native Places with a virtual classroom of design students (pictured here) in Miami Dade College’s School of Architecture & Interior Design. To hear the talk that inspired those students to truly see the world around them by sketching it, CLICK HERE.


Native Places by Frank Harmon

NEWS&OBSERVER: “Raleigh architect Frank Harmon sketches to see, and remember.”


Native Places by Frank Harmon

Sep 05, 2018



Native Places by Frank Harmon

NEWS&OBSERVER: “Architect’s signature drawings go beyond art. They tell stories of the world around us.”

Native Places by Frank Harmon


Raleigh architect Frank Harmon sketches at least once a day, in a style that’s best described as economical. His lines are spare, a squiggle inserted here or there for punctuation and a splash of color added for emphasis.

“There are as few gestures as possible to capture a multi-layered spirit,” says New York Tod Williams in an interview about Harmon’s work. “There’s almost always an element of landscape and something out of the ordinary and something extraordinary. A world emerges.”

A selection of 64 of his drawings, with equally thoughtful essays to accompany them, are in a new book called “Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See.” They’re taken from Harmon’s online collection of sketches and words in his “Native Places” blog. He makes at least one sketch a day, publishing many of them online for the past four years. READ MORE