Native Places

Review: How the Quick Daily Drawing Puts Humanity Back into Architecture

Native Places

(“Back to the Future in London” by Frank Harmon)

From COMMON \ EDGE by Michael J. Crosbie

First published Oct. 23, 2018

Architect Frank Harmon has a discipline: he tries to do a freehand drawing every day. He doesn’t spend much time on them. About five minutes. These short spurts of depiction have the effect of catching lightning in a bottle or, as Virginia Woolf once said about the importance of writing every day, “to clap the net over the butterfly of moment.” To capture these moments you must be fast. The minute moves. Harmon’s drawings feel loose, fuzzy at the edges. You sense their five-minute duration.

Architecture students often are terrified of the quick sketch because of this very looseness, a sense of relaxed attentiveness. They strive to make a “pretty” drawing instead of netting the butterfly. The pretty drawing is evidence of detailed observation, perhaps one’s skill in constructing perspective, the control of the instrument in your hand. But that’s not the point of Harmon’s drawings. Their freeness communicates a different value and goal: to be in the moment, sketching swiftly to seize the scene as it unfolds before you. Harmon’s flickering hand imparts great energy to his drawings, which are less documentary and more like a visual embrace—the kiss of his ink pen and watercolor brush.

Harmon has collected scores of his drawings in a new book, Native Places (ORO Editions, 2018)… READ THE FULL REVIEW

Frank Harmon, Native Places

Author Events in the Works

Frank Harmon, Native Places

Frank signing books at Quail Ridge Books in September.

On Monday, October 15, Native Places author Frank Harmon will present a lecture in Tucson, AZ, to the University of Arizona School of Architecture students and faculty. The lecture will take place in the Tucson Museum of Art, where he will not be able to sell or sign copies of his book, but he will introduce it and tell them where to order it.

On October 18th, the North Carolina chapter of the American Institute of Architects will host a book signing for Frank as part of the AIA NC Conference, held this year in Durham. Frank will sign copies of Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See during the opening Membership Meeting on the 18th from 4-6 p.m.

Specific dates and times haven’t been determined as of this writing (9.14.18), but future author events for Frank and his book — so far — include:

Watch this space for updates.